Professor Y. Peter Kamminga

Professor Kamminga specializes in mediating high-profile civil litigation. He has successfully mediated and co-mediated dozens of high-stakes complex civil disputes referred by private parties and courts on a variety of matters, all with aggregate values of multi-million or billions of dollars. He works with numerous U.S. Fortune 500 companies, European multinationals, and government agencies, as well as mid-size U.S. and European-based companies.

Dr. Kamminga received his legal education at Ivy League law schools in the US (Harvard and Columbia) and at top-universities in Europe. He combines practical dispute resolution experience with in-depth legal knowledge of U.S. and European law.

Starting out as a mediator in Europe, Dr. Kamminga has advised a number of government agencies and private entities on optimizing and designing their contractual environment for large projects, designing procurement to facilitate cooperation with their counterparts, addressing complex claim questions, and designing systems tailored to resolving high-volume disputes efficiently. He designed codes of conduct, elaborate procurement strategies, and developed dispute management systems for government agencies such as the Dutch Ministries of Economics, Infrastructure and Justice, and worked with public and private parties in the insurance and construction industries.

Dr. Kamminga now works with The Weinstein Melnick Team on resolving complex class actions, insurance coverage cases, contract, securities and financial matters, and other high-stakes disputes. He brings extensive knowledge and broad international experience in U.S. and European contract, insurance and construction law, corporate and financial law and securities law. Private and public parties regularly seek his assistance on practical and conceptual issues related to contract law, negotiation and dispute resolution processes.

Experience and Qualifications